What to Expect

Our hope at St. John’s if that what you can expect as you come into our church, whether it is for one of our many meals, times of fellowship, or as we gather to worship Jesus, is that you hear, feel, and come into contact with the Gospel, or the “Good News”, that JESUS LOVES YOU, died for your sins, and that all who believe in Him will have eternal life!

We believe what the Church is, as it is found all over the world and throughout the ages of time, is the way God, through the Holy Spirit, gives the forgiveness of sins that Jesus has won for us on the cross. The way he does this is through His Word, (as it is found in the Scriptures and in the preaching and teaching of the Gospel,) as well as through the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. Because of this, we try and have our worship centered around these things.

At St. John’s we are what many would consider a liturgical church. All this means is that we have a set order of worship that we follow every Sunday. This includes confessing our sins and having them proclaimed forgiven, praying together, singing collections of hymns, including scripture readings in every worship service, and regularly participating in the Lord’s Supper. (At St. John’s we hold the Lord’s Supper every 2nd and 4th Sunday.)

If you are a visitor to our church and any of this is new to you, please feel free to turn to one of the friendly faces at St. Johns’ and ask any of them for help. So too, you can always feel free to ask Pastor Aaron any questions you might have about the way we worship. We want you to feel comfortable with us!

Finally, the most important thing for you to expect at St. Johns is that we want you to come as you are because, again, JESUS LOVES YOU! Please know this: there is no guilt, shame, sin, fear, or anything that you have done that takes Jesus’ love away. Maybe you haven’t thought of Him in awhile, but we promise that He has never forgotten you. Because JESUS LOVES YOU, you are always welcome with us! After all, here at St. John’s we are nothing but a collection of sinners in need of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ which, thanks be to God, He has given to us!

We would love to share that same forgiveness with you.


worship with us


9:15   Coffee and Fellowship

9:25   Morning Prayer and Music

9:30   Sunday School and Bible Class

10:30   Worship 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month

Worship with Communion 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

Worship/pick a hymn Sunday on 5th Sunday

*Wednesday: SONshine Station

School calendar hours September – May 3rd  5:30-7:oopm and Summer hours 9-noon

Students in k-8th Grade Bible Class and Confirmation

5:30   Light meal served

5:45   Classes

K-2   Fellowship Hall with Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Brittany

3-5   Downstairs Classroom with Ms. Nancy and Ms. Nora

6-8   Confirmation in Youth Room with Pastor Aaron and Ms. Charlia

9:30 – Sunday School Classes

Nursery-PreK   Libby Ferral in the Nursery

K-2   Lindsay Mans in Basement Classroom #1

3-5   Regina Lueker in Basement Classroom #2

6-8   Christina Lange in Basement Youth Area

9-11   Tessa Brasher in her office/classroom

12th+   Ben Johnson in fellowship office/classroom

Adults   Pastor Aaron in main fellowship hall